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Jeremy Hildreth and Comrades

An interdisciplinary identity consultancy and creative force of nature.

We advise you to do things. We do things for you.

We give you ideas. We make you better.

(Some call it branding. But it ain’t, quite.)

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Value proposition

We unlock value by connecting dots you didn’t even know were there to be connected.

A client said something interesting

“You perform alchemy.”

“Calling you a ‘brand consultant’ is almost an insult. You perform a type of alchemy that isn’t widely understood. It’s multi-disciplinary, and that is rare and therefore difficult to define or compare.”

– Client comment

I’ve traipsed the earth

Jeremy Hildreth tells the story:


After an Ivy League education (BSc Wharton, 1996) and a first career as an economist, I went to Oxford (MBA, 2003) and then got into branding and identity, thanks to my mentor Wally Olins.


In the last decade, I’ve advised all sorts of clients: from banks and barbecue grill makers, to airlines and armies, and nations and neighbourhoods.


I’ve traipsed the earth, from Port Louis to Pukapuka, cross-pollinating insights, stockpiling perspectives, and accruing a crew of talented comrades who follow me into battle.


I can’t claim we’ve bottled lightning in a jar yet, but we’re getting closer.


And what you get from us you certainly won’t find elsewhere.


Logos of prominent clients

Some of the “bigger acts” with whom I’ve been associated:

A few of our most prominent clients narrow

Look to us for

We make clients better through advisory (the transferring of skills and expertise from us to them) and service delivery across a range of content areas:


Promotional films

Destination branding

Brand identity and design

Brand strategy evaluations

Property development visioning

Product packaging and positioning

Advertising campaign development

Environment and experience branding

Tourism and investment marketing

Copywriting, slogans, and naming

Brand management for startups

Brand-aware investment input

Non-gimicky PR stunts


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